The Traffic Problem:
How long is the actual delay?

Is a red line 15 miles per hour? Or crawling traffic? What is yellow? How long will it take me to get to work? Or to the City? Will it take me an extra 30 minutes on a 20 minute route? You have to figure out the answer in your head unless you start typing stuff every time you open the map app.


You see how many minutes the delay is right now....for each route important to you. A 12 minute delay means the drive takes 12 minutes longer than it would without traffic.

  • Number of minutes delay on each route
  • Total drive time for a route.
  • Save your drives for easy viewing on next launch.
  • No need to enter locations for each app start, unlike map apps.
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Easily Set Up
Your Drives

Set up once, save.

Enter a personal name for each route.

Open MyTrafficDelays see delays on ALL your saved routes.

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Search Nearby

Fast, auto complete as you type.

Searches in your geographic area.

See Your Route.

Tap on any colored cell and get an up to the minute suggested route.

See the traffic around your route.

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